No shame; no stigma. An event for you.

I realise this is very much a UK and west country event, but if you are in the area, do please come! Or let me just show you what I’m up to. x

For the BOA fringe this year, I am hosting an evening at The Three Horseshoes pub, Frome Road, Bradford on Avon Wiltshire. It’s called ‘No shame; no stigma’ and its focus is mental health. That’s a key theme of my debut novel, Killing Hapless Ally, which was published in March this year and has been featuring in the national press. I have also written a series of articles around its key themes for various publications and stepped up my engagement in mental health campaigning and advocacy. A subject close to my heart, this.

Do please come along. I’d love it. Thursday 7th July, from 8 pm. I will be speaking frankly. Ask me anything! Also, some readings from the book and, with the book as a starting point, a lively extended discussion about mental health, well-being, anxiety, depression and other tricky things. What it means to be ill; what it means to be well, maybe. The language we use and that which is unhelpful. How we challenge taboo. All sorts. Being me, I am not straying away from dark humour  (and the novel is a black comedy rooted in real events) so I hope it will be entertaining for you too. And it’s free. Buy a drink at the bar and come through to the marquee. We’ll stay until we get chucked out. Copies of my book, Killing Hapless Ally, are on sale locally at Ex Libris and Mr B’s in Bath, but you could also order from Amazon, Waterstones and so on, or get a copy from me on the night

No shame; no stigma. 

Do come.

Anna x

Here’s the link to buy at Amazon.

2 thoughts on “No shame; no stigma. An event for you.

  1. I would SO like to come along to this event, alas distance will not allow it. Is there any chance that it might be recorded so that it could be viewed? That would be wonderful.
    Either way will be with you in spirit. Have a great evening on the 7th Anna. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.


    1. Hello. I am not sure I can film it. I am fine with that but, in my experience, it is likely to be the case that others will not be because the nature of the event is that others may open up and speak about things very close to their heart and already in public. So what I am going to do, as I have had other requests (it is so very encouraging – THANK YOU xx) is ask at the beginning of the evening if it would be okay with everyone – or maybe at least to do a sound recording. Do read Killing Hapless Ally, too. It’s billed as fiction, but it is based on episodes in my life, young child up. I’d love to know what you think and happy to discuss anything in the book. Anna


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