About Anna


Anna Vaught is a novelist, poet, essayist, reviewer and editor. She is also a secondary English teacher, tutor and mentor to young people, mental health campaigner, volunteer and mum to a large brood. Her books, for Patrician Press, are Killing Hapless Ally, a semi-autobiographical novel about mental illness (2016) and novella,The Life of Almost (2018, published this autumn). For the same press she has co-edited the anthology My Europe (2018) and is editing Tempest, an anthology of writings about dystopias (2019). Anna’s novel Saving Lucia, about Violet Gibson, the Irish aristocrat who shot Mussolini, and Lucia Joyce, daughter of James Joyce, will be published by Bluemoose in 2020. She has just submitted her fourth novel, The Revelations of Celia Masters, and contributing to, among others, Litro, Review31, Visual Verse, Losslit, Writers and Artists, Contemporary Small Press and both print and online editions of The Shadow Booth. Her poetry is published by Patrician and Emma presses. Anna is a lover and champion of the independent presses and journals of the British Isles!



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