Resources coming up for GCSE & A level students: BOA.

Hmm. Why this free stuff? Because I’d be helping out with these things anyway with my two eldest in year 11 and 13, my background is secondary teaching, tutoring, mentoring and writing. So it makes sense to extend and share the resources, don’t you think? Takes a village.
1. Reiterating: Sunday 17th November, 2-5, Eduqas GCSE English language revision session (with some literature GCSE depending on who needs what). This is a free session and all materials are provided – I will send you a link and you will need to print off in advance. This session is specifically for those who need an extra boost – perhaps because they have a specific educational need that has not been supported. It’s free because I am doing this for my own lad so want to extend it to his peers who may be similarly disenfranchised or just need a boost. There are three places left, so please message me ASAP if you would like to come using the contact details on this site. St Laurence BOA students only.
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2. Meanwhile, eldest lad is in A level year and, at St Loz, UCAS has to be done and dusted by 20th December, well ahead of the January 15th deadline. If you or yours would like help writing the personal statement or just proofing, then I am doing a drop-in session at my house on Monday 11th November, from 5.15. But you’ll need to tell me (contact details again) if you want to come. If you’re applying for Oxbridge (or Medicine etc) text in the meantime (deadline 15th October) if you’re stuck. Again, St LOz students only.
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3. If you would like to receive a weekly resource on English Language Eduqas GCSE (though useful for other boards too), please let me know. I am writing something for one of my lads to use in a newly-created study support session so happy to share. Here’s this week. Like I say, I would be doing this anyway. This is for the first part of English Language paper 1.
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