This is Anna

Let’s get in touch

Most of it is here but my email is and my work mobile 07814954063

I am based in West Wiltshire, not far from Bath, but frequently in South and South West Wales and within easy reach of London. I am also in the Southern US fairly regularly and I married it, but if you fancy going out to play in NYC or DC, it’s a neat run on Amtrak. It strikes me that, as my background is in secondary English teaching, you could engage me for a creative workshop in your school or college – here or in the US – and I would love to work with you and your students. Do contact me on the given phone number or by email. DM on twitter if you like, but be advised that I am stepping away from socials until at least June, 2022

My agent is Kate Johnson of Mackenzie Wolf Literary Agency, NYC.

MacKenzie Wolf and you can contact her if you have enquiries about me.