Book groups and readings!

I am about to establish a year’s worth of Killing Hapless Ally events, (while I am writing the next one, working title A Life of Almost) so just to say that there will be a couple of local and local (ish!) talks, hopefully a collaboration (musicians; other authors..) and also that if you have a book group not too far away (West Wilts, Bath and Bristol – South and West Wales even as I am often there), then if you order the books from the wonderful Mr B’s Bookshop in Bath, I hereby promise to turn up at your book group to answer questions if you would like – and will even bring cake! How about that? I was speaking last night to other authors about this as they have done some reading groups and found it a great thing to do. So let me know! If I am there, you can ask me anything about the book’s content – anything you like – and feel free to tell me its flaws!

And I had the best launch at Mr B’s Bookshop!


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