From The Life of Almost


‘So, my sea girls have always come to me when I needed them and they know about the human world because, as this old book tells you, they explore the land-ways in animal form and they wait and listen. As a doe, Nerys looked through the windows of Clandestine House and watched Miss Davies try to make her nest anew, wresting the photos from the paper and crying as she did it. Sometime, Dilys sat as a wren on the windowsill of the house and heard what Miss Davies said to Seren.

‘Break their hearts, girl. The world is too much with us, all men are cads, there is filth under the rack and the green sea is no place to sail away on. Make yourself a carapace of bitterness, Seren. Make yourself a cruel, lovely, burning star. Break their hearts.’

And Seren would cry, but she would nod assent.

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