Coming soon. BRITTLE WOMEN

In a bit of a diversion, a project I’ve had on the back boiler for a while. It’s a comical murder mystery thing – set in St Jude’s Primary school and let me tell you, these mums are EVIL.

Anyway, I will put up a proper page soon, but essentially I’m inviting you to contribute, anonymously, the VERY WORST things other parents – particularly mums – have said to you (the funnier the better!) and to share your own parenting anecdotes (again, great scope for hilarity is where it’s at). Mumnset, social media and parenting sites are great, but you can really help me too and I promise to do my best to give you a good laugh. When you do contribute, if you name anyone, it’s a straight delete. But you’re not going to do that.

Back soon with a few anecdotes of my own…and at some point BRITTLE WOMEN


Maypole murders and asphyxiation by keyword string

Didn’t bake your own? You made slut muffins!

A social media platform called, darkly, archly, ‘Bella Vista’.

Some of the most creative swearing you’ll ever have seen

And many more…

A lot is going down at St Jude’s. OH YEAH.




Up soon, when I get Passerines off to agent and all – and I have clarity on who’s going to be taking on The Life of Almost, the novella that came before that.

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