Book group questions to whet your appetite and ruin your dinner.

One for each story and a few for luck

  1. Which was your favourite story and why?
  2. Did you find any of the stories too horrifying or too creepy?
  3. Why do you think the author chose a linking theme of food?
  4. What do the inhabitants of the house/s want from the carpenter in Cave Venus et Stellas?
  5. In Feasting/Fasting, what happens to the new wife and what happens to the husband? 
  6. What was your opinion of Myfanwy in Seaside Rock and Other Homicides?
  7. A Tale of Tripe. How did you react to the descriptions of the foods in this story?
  8. Nanny Lovett and Pop Todd. Are they good bakers?
  9. Henry and His Surfeit of Lampreys. Why do the lampreys do what they do?
  10. Another more general question: do you think any of the stories is in poor taste or goes too far.
  11. In Hot Cross Buns, Sharp Teeth and a Tongue, who’s the bad guy?
  12. Shame: some readers have commented that this is different from the other stories in the collection. Do you agree and if so, why?
  13. Cucumber sandwiches. What is going on in both countries in this story?
  14. Shadow Babies’ Supper. Why are the dolls so scary?
  15. The Choracle. What was the moral of this story?
  16. Jar and the Girl. What was interesting for you about this story?
  17. Sherbet. Do you think it’s really possible to construct a creed, cult or religion on anything?
  18. Bread and Salt. The shortest story in the book. Was the ending a surprise?
  19. Trimalchio Jones. Why can’t the guests leave?
  20. Sweetie. Who or what is Sweetie?
  21. Do you have any thoughts about how language is used in the stories?
  22. Which story was the funniest?
  23. What could be the link (or links) between traumatic experience and food in this book?
  24. How are families presented in Famished?
  25. Any story you might like a sequel to? Or  a prequel! 

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