Introducing The Alchemy

So, two days ago, Unbound and I launched my first guide to writing and I would love your company and your help on this new adventure.

It’s all about gentle productivity in your writing. Publishing director of Unbound, John Mitchinson had this to say to The Bookseller here – – ‘

We’re thrilled to be working with Anna Vaught. She exemplifies the patience and generosity of the best teachers. Having suffered and triumphed herself, she is able to offer calm and clear advice about how to translate ideas into publishable work. The Alchemy offers a warm and reassuring arm round the shoulder—it will inspire and motivate writers at all stages in their career but especially for those who are struggling with confidence.

And I said,

The Alchemy is about writing a book—a work of fiction of whatever kind—when you thought you could not. This is a book for everyone, but with a particular eye on those who are tired and lacking in confidence, who are disabled, chronically ill or perhaps carers for a loved one who would struggle without them. Essentially, this has been me for some time now and that is how I know about productivity and challenging what it is. Not from deadlines, spreadsheets and flow charts (although those things are excellent), but from learning to work with what I had, when I could and, also, in learning that writing your book happens all the time.

Now, in a new departure for me, this is a crowdfunded book, so I’d really love you to pledge in order to help us get it into the world. New pledges will be added in the coming months – and extra treats, too. All the information is on the page that follows and you can also see an excerpt from the book. It’s so important to me and I really want others to have it. A distillation of twenty years of teaching and mentoring and of an intense six years of writing! Here:

Practical suggestions

A writing pal as you start your book, or when you’re stuck


Personal essays




A wealth of ideas

I hope you will love it and when you write, if you are sad, unwell, struggling, chronically ill, a carer – these are world I know well – you will never be alone. Because the big idiot in the picture below will be with you.

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