My favourite book so far and a competition to enter….

I’d say I read between sixty and seventy novels a year (plus short stories, poetry and non-fiction). I thought I would be honest and say that, of this number, only a small handful will linger with me and demand re-reading. I am eight books into 2016 and this (I will write a review when I have time) has blown everything out of the water so far.

And in between GCSE classes today, I am plotting the next bits of my entry for this year’s BBC/Booktrust short story competition. I am new to this, so my chances aren’t good, but they’re a darn sight better than if I didn’t enter. And it’s a good way for me to practise! Here’s the link to the relevant page. You have to have a history of publication to enter this one, but you may enter it as publisher/agent or author.


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