Updates, updates!

Very soon I shall be able to share further details about a forthcoming book we have yet to announce and share information and hopefully excitement about the…journey of another book!

So, for now. If you have been reading Ravished, which came out two weeks ago, let me know what you think!

Ravished – Reflex Press, and ed. D Borrowdale

Then, in February, the Italian translation of my 2020 novel, Saving Lucia, will be out. Cover as soon as we can.

Bluemoose, 2020, ed L Webb; trans. Cristina Cigognini 8tto edizione

In March, my memoir is out; twelve linking essays…

Reflex Press, ed D Borrowdale

Then, in September, you have my new novel, The Zebra and Lord Jones. We don’t have a cover yet, but here is the series of paintings which I saw and…up came an idea. Zebra is out in the UK/Commonwealth (excl. Canada) in September 2023 and is currently on submission in the US.

Weight, Carel Victor Morlais; Escape of the Zebra from the Zoo during an Air Raid; Manchester Art Gallery; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/escape-of-the-zebra-from-the-zoo-during-an-air-raid-206376

Then finally, in October, and no details allowed but I *think* we are announcing in earlyish November, is my first book about writing. That’s all I can say. During the year, I will also be writing my column for Mslexia – here was the first –

Mslexia autumn 2022
Part one of ‘The Voyage Out’, Mslexia, autumn, 2022

Then, I have just written for The Society of Authors here https://societyofauthors.org/News/Blogs/SoA-Blog/October-2022/A-new-approach-and-a-literary-prize-for-the-writer all about the Curae, a new literary prize for carers, which opens to submissions in two categories in January, 2023.

Back soon, with more news and, also, website redevelopment!


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